Marcus (17-18), a percussion protégé, from a great family is destined for great things. Having just received his acceptance letter from the best music college program in the country, everything is going according to plan. A month or so, before his high school graduation Marcus gets involved in a situation with his nemesis that unsettles his entire future. Now with his scholarship hanging the balance, and Marcus’ fate is in the hands of a judge things could go from bad to worse. Fortunately, he catches a break and gets a summer of community service as counselor at a Music/Band Camp.


Relieved, Marcus arrives thinking “Band Camp, piece of cake, might even have some fun”, but as he moves through counselor orientation he quickly realizes this is not what he thought it would be. First, the camp is extremely competitive with huge winner-take-all competition at the end of summer, “this is no summer vacation not at all”. Second, the percussionists are rag-tag group of kids of varying sizes. One kid is so small, he can’t even carry his drum it looks bigger than him!! It will take every skill Marcus has and some he didn’t even know he had to gets this group ready with a chance to win. Finally, Marcus’ nemesis is at the camp as he was sentenced to the same fate by the judge. There is no way will let his group beat them, It’s on!!

But, it’s not all bad as there is a really cute girl that has caught Marcus’ eye, “Wow, who is she? He thinks, “She’s beautiful”. Much to his chagrin you know who has also noticed her. You can’t help it, she is the best-looking girl in the entire camp.

Marcus will experience it all as he navigates the highs, lows, and hijinks of 10 weeks at band camp. Drum Rascals a coming of age story with heart and humor. Will the Drum Rascals win the competition? Will Marcus get the girl? Stay tuned.